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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The deer and santa claus

Hi everyone~i'm the christmas deer named ah deer~
It's christmas now, i need to work for santa claus, but it's cold outside ><
i need to go to the santa claus to ask for a scarf..

hey~here is the santa claus..hmm..why he look so different?he really is the santa claus?
santa claus : sure i am!!!i just cut my hair and shaved my beard..^^handsome rite?hoho..

ah deer : hi~santa claus..i have something to ask from you..it's important!!!
santa claus : hmm..what do you want?i will give you whatever you want~i'm santa claus what~!
ah deer : then, i want a scarf~because it's cold outside, i don't want to get flu.
santa claus : nah~Here you go~a polka dot scarf..

ah deer : yeah~thanks you very much!!!i love it so much..

PS:// the deer with scarf and without scarf are two different doll..
the deer with scarf ordered by kun sis..
and the deer without scarf i sold it to bebe sis in the charity event..

Do you know what is this!? This is the christmas hat on the santa claus~XD
i love this little small hat~my sis too~^^

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