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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

tote bag ordered by charlene

This is the tote bag which ordered by charlene, who i knew her in the charity bazaar.
She had ordered a tote bag from me.
she asked for dark green's fabric for the half bottom part,but not too dark.
i don't know what is consider dark for her and what is consider light for her.
so i did the bag in two designs.
what i mean two designs?not 2 bags, but 2 designs in one bag.

this is the first design.
down part with green polka dot fabric and the other half with half linen and half cotton fabric.

and i drew the four leaf clover on the down part..

and there is the little ladybird and the dashes which represent the ladybird's route
the whole meaning is the "good luck journey"

Charlene also asked for red button which sew at the handles.
so i sewed 3 buttons, from red to light pink~

and here is the another design, where it's inner part of the 1st design.
the fabric is darker than the 1st design's fabric.i mean the polka dot fabric.
and there is a big pocket on the outer part.

wish that she will like it^^
and wish that others will like it also.


pumpkin said...

is there any way for me to order and buy the doted bag like the 2nd one? i think my girlfriend will like it =)

Ai-YoyO said...

:) hi pumpkin..the second and the 1st 1 was actually same.. the bag consist of two design, when flipped to the 1st design, the second is inside.

actually the bag is still with me, i wonder y the person who ordered this bag didn't contact me although i told her that the bag is ready for so many times..

do you mind to email me at ai-yoyo-miismi@live.com.my if u really interested with it..:)