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Friday, November 20, 2009

What to play? WIRE!!!

Today, we- FCA28 went to the muzium negara with our pretty lecturer, miss Jinchi.
Between all of the things that exhibited, i found nothing were more interesting than this, honestly.
hmm..what to say, i born to have fervor in handmade.haha..

This uncle was selling his handmade wire sculptures and keychains in the muzium.
he is handicapped, he don't panhandle, but he learnt to do all of this wire stuff to earn money by himself.
Although his leg was handicapped, but he has a pair of great hands.He can did such nice stuff.
i likes all of that. And he is a nice man, i asked to take photo of him and asked him about the material and what kind of wire he used.

And there is an auntie made me felt uncomfortable. she came and said "what so interested with this kind of stuff". wow..wat the fxxk..i knew that she doesn't has any sense of art.her eyes definately blind.If she is not interested in that, please la be quite and go away.Please don't say this kind of words, quite hurt for the man and for someone who love handmade..If she was someone i know, i will shot her, seriously.

tata~a piano~~!!!nice rite!?but this is not the stuff that i like the most.but i like it also la~haha

I like this the most!!!haha a traditional bicycle~i like this~hmm, if it's white, then it's 100% perfect~i swear i want to learn to do this~!

a motocycle~haha

modern bicycle~

and there are still many others, but i felt embarrassed to capture all of that..XP

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