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Monday, November 23, 2009

Pointillism drawing

Pointillism..It's one of the technique used by the olden day's artist.
Pointillism was developed by an artist called George Seurat who was the Post Impressionism painter. In the pointillism work, fragmented brushstroke is apply.
This was the assigment came after the "boxes drawing"..
We were need to find a photo where it's interesting and has many different of colour.
I had captured a view at my college.And this was my final work~

when we doing this assignment in class, it was quite annoying wei~haha~why do i say so?
if people outside the class don't know, they tought we are cooking inside the class..haha
we used crayon to point all this, and all of us were pointed on it so hard..so there were a lot of "dok dok dok" sound..hmm..if u can't imagine, you can imagine of the sound when your mum was chopping meat inside kitchen.haha..that's the sound!!!that's why i say people will tought tat we were cooking..ahaha..really noisy~the music we opened also can't listen + thr was loud speaker..=.= because we are almost 30 of us do that..haha
when i do it at home, all of my family said that i was so noisy..and the table i sat, they won't came to sit with me..because the whole table was vibrating..haha

tata ~c the details~and add more one thing..we were not allow to use black color, so in order to do black color, we need to combine many color so to produce black.. like the tree truck at the left hand side, i used green, blue, red and dark choc to produce black, quite tired!!!!!

After we had done this drawing, hand really tired and sore!!!this work can helps to lose the hand's fat..hahaha~

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