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Monday, November 2, 2009

Audrime (Final)

WOW!!!i completed it on last saturday~~!!!yeah~~!!!haha..today had passed up~
so happy huh~T.T but really tired.all of us look like corpse..especially kit!@@
wow~kit's face look so kesian wei..hahaha..
After we passed up our project, here comes another project- space design..T.T there's really no time for us to rest.at least one day la~wuwuwu~and there're another 3 assignments to pass up this week, two essay and the pointerlism~luckily i done my pointerlism today.but i also need some time to prepare stuff for this saturday pipit market..
hmmm...you know how i do my audrime's dress the black and white strips part?
haha~~tatata~i do like this..
cut and paste the masking tape and paste on the cloth, after that, used black acrylic to color it~wow~quite a lot of work to do..

my Audrime without the hat and the umbrella~haha..the hair is like "bao"

tata~the finished packaging and Audrime~~hey~the stage will rotate huh~ahahaha~~

the round round stuff inside was the rotate music box.=.=i took out tyhe music mechanism..haha..so thr's just rotate but no music..it's call the non-music box~~buuuuu~~my lameness increase XD
actually i wish to put the music together, but then the music is not suit my Audrime and my packaging design. unfortunately~

the gold curtain, i had annoyed for quite some time about my curtain..
because b4 that i don't knw how to make the texture.luckily i did it!!!!

the middle part was the "non-music box"

tata~my "non music box"~i cover it with white cloth and some lace~so it look alike with Audrime's dress~^^this was the thg that make Audrime to rotate within the box~

my final Audrime~~~

i like her umbrella a lot~haha..better than the sketch model's umbrella~XDthat one is broken umbrella~hahaha~

All the final and sketch model work of FCA2!!!wow~it's very spectacular..at least 55 works thr~XD

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