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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Audrime (part 4)

ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~!!!dateline for character design project are getting closer~~~next monday need to pass up ady~
T.T wuwuwu~i havent done my audrime yet~~arh~~still has the packaging design~
stress stress stress~
wish i can finish it by this saturday..sunday need to draw my "pointerlism"~so many assignment need to pass up~
somemore after pass up my project and assignment next week, need to prepare my stuff to be sell at the cuming soon pipit market at central market annaxe gallery on 7th november~

let see wat i done for this moment~

my uncomplete dress~just leave the 2 ribbon~hehe..

dress with lace~i love lace a lot~felt lucky that i get this popular icon - audrey hepburn~hahaha~

=.=my bear's head ~without the ears, hair and eyes~ahahaha~

and tatata~my audrime big hat~~~!!!!haha~~i love this hat a lot~my frens ask me to do this kind of small hats to sell~hmm..i thk wont has people wear this hat go out, because too exxaggerate~=.=

furry furry~hahaha~~the part i like the most~hahaha~~so soft so comfortable~

pink flowers(i bought..XD to lazy to do myself ady, because thr's no more time~~~)
at furst the furry thgs i put black and red, and the pink flowers are in a series of different yellow.but then my lecturer told me better to put back the original colour of audrey hepburn hat, so i changed..T.T actually i like the colour, but, the marks not i give but lecturer, so better to change~arhhhhh~~~

this the body that havent adjust the shape yet~hahaha~~askew~~
i worked so hard when adjust her body neh~~~at last~it look ok ady~~but the butt was abit big la~haha~but bear's butt also big wat..XD kit , one of good frens who same class with me told me that bear's butt is big~~ahahaha..so i used this excuse to tell lecturer~hweh~hahaha..shh~
hgg~~~!!!!continue to work on it~~!!!GAMBATEH AI-YOYO!!!GAMBATEH FCA28!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!


Veronica said...

wow, it looks very nice. May I know where you buy the furry feather like things? I have been looking for it very long time but cannot find.

Ai-YoyO said...

hmm..i found it at the shop where sell many ribbon , lace, and other kind of stuff that mainly use by malay for their wedding or raya or other festival..
i think some tailor shop also have.u may try to ask.Or u can find it at kl's sogo there if you are in kl^^