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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Audrime (part 3)

the whole saturday, i did this~
continue my audrime~the final work~haha..
this was the body i done~slim rite?haha..but like abit "senget"..ahahahaha~well, i will adjust it la~~be patient~XD
For the body, i used polystrene to make the body shape for skeleton.
then, i cover the polystrene with two layer of paper clay insie and one layer of magic clay for the outer most layer..bcs magic clay look more smooth and will not break easily..
(PS:behind there was my sketch model, its body are abit weird..the butt are too low..ahaha~

OPPS~you guys guess what is this~haha~~
this was the bear's hair!!!!!hahahahaha~~~why chocolate gold?bcs audrey hepburn- my popular icon has gold chocolate gold hair~~~And that's my sis hands~^^

The whole table was so messy with my stuff .and also the floor with my stuff all around~ahah~
bcs the table are not enough for me~=.=mum~~~i need a room for me to do my work~~!!!please~~

And this was the stuff i pepare to sell it in the coming soon event at central market..
PS:thr're excess clay after i done my character's body, so i used it to do this, don't waste mah~haha~

BUSHH~~~ i spend my whole day doing all this works..

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