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Thursday, March 22, 2012

can i do better?

I always want to come out with an outstanding idea and concept that's different from others.
Every time i tried to avoid using the same ideas or concepts with my classmate.
And every time i tried to do something different from what i have did, but still trying to keep my own style.
It's actually hard and tiring. Sometimes, feel like giving up when i keep stuck at the same place.
Feel like my mind going to explode, seems like it didn't stop thinking at all even though i'm sleeping.
I knew i did fall asleep, but i knew i'm still thinking. I don't know how it works. But when i woke up, i just knew that my mind did think about all those issues and ideas while i'm sleeping.
And it's really tired.

But then, i'm very happy when my works are being appreciated by other after i putting in a lot of effort.
This is what make me keep going.
Still, sometime i'm very scared that my work can't reach my target and can't reach what other's aspect.

I wish that i can do better and better as time passing.