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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

wee~this is my second time to involve in flea market..the 1st time was the art for grab last month..
i had know many new friends at pipit market!!Joan and agnes which beside me and xiaoying stall~they are nice..so friendly^^i bought cloth and some label from Joan..she gave me a handmade ribbon while we are going back to home~thx a lot~i like it~haha~Joan and Agnes both sell nice accesories made by themself~

tata~their stall..opps..sry agnes, half of ur stall din capture>

and i meet girl girl also~haha~
her stuff really nice and cute!!especially the bird's key cover~XD damn cute~~all sold~

girl girl with her husband~XD

and tata~this pig cute rite???i like it!!!
it's 瓶子's stuff~(sry 4get her real name)

瓶子andher fren-may~

and this is xiao ying stuff~we share stall~haha..

at last this my stuff..sold some of it ady~XD haha~but before the stuffs sold, that was also less stuff~haha..i have no enough time to do my stuff..T.T

i promise the next event i want to do more!!!haha..and 1 thg~i 4get to put my signboard..XD

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