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Saturday, October 17, 2009

me and my "boxes" drawing~

tata~this was my drawing class latest assignment that passed up last week~
T.T this assignment do until i got asleep~damn boring la~

this was leonard, me and xinyi drawing~ahaha~look same as us wat~

hey~drew until like that not easy la man~you need to zoom in and see clearly the detail..u will find out that drawing this will make you get mad easily~haha
c~this was the detail of the drawing..(ps://this was my eye's part)
the boxes were 0.5cm x 0.5cm arh~need to draw symbols each boxes wei~thinked of what symbol to draw ady made me mad!!!!each symbols i had repeated manytimes..ahaha~at last, can't tahan ady, so just copied the song's lyric~ahahahaha~make work easy~
wow~i don't know i used how manytime to do this,but i know that when i was drawing i'm getting to shout!!!!
and all my outline pen out of ink!!!new outline pen wei~so waste and my heart so pain~><

But then this was the 1st time that my class and me get so happy when the outline were out of ink~ahaha~you know why? this was because no ink outline was more easy to shade!!!!!!ahahaha!!!!

did you realise that at the right hand side thr's a love shape on my hair~haha~i purposely do that~

tata~me and my drawing~look like me rite~~~~hahahaha~
and when we pass up, lecture told us that if we are confident with our drawing, then no need write our name thr..so~~~~i faster passed up to him withouy writting my name~ahaha~~shh~let me be proud for a while la~hahaha~


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Agnes Sim said...

wow...it's so cool n amazing. u drawn by hand or software? can share with me how u do tat? want to try it. :p

Ai-YoyO said...

XD agnes..u may try it~~~!!haha~~