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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Tale of Inspirations

Here are what's i did recently..
The pop up book of mine..
It is the book which i mentioned in the previous post..
It's a book that illustrated four different fairy tales that inspired me a lot..
For sure, there will be Alice in Wonderland~ and the other three are Red Riding Hood, Swan Lake and also Pinocchio~

 Here is the cover~

Let's start the story~

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland~

I always wanted to do thing so complicated, end up making myself stress out and helpless.
Just like dropping into a dreadful rabbit's hole.

with light effect~

Inspired by Red Riding Hood

When facing problems, be strong and don't ever give up.

Another with light effect~XD

Inspired by Swan Lake

Sometimes it's really difficult to make a right choice, everything seem the same.
Think wisely, you will see the different.
Pick the one that is true to you.

This is the "mirror" effect inside..
i'm trying to make it like there's a lot of twins of the swan queen..

Inspired by Pinocchio

Be honest and brave.
Open up your heart, you will find the way.

With light effect~

This is the piece i love the most! it's the base of the 1st one which inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Will try another pop up book when i have the idea and time~
Wish all of you like it :)
Good night~

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