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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Party

While i was having supper with family, there was a cat with small little eyes **dad said its eyes are smaller than it should be because cats usually got big eyes**
Dad named the cat as "Jackie cat" because it has small eyes and big nose..LOL
It inspired me, and i try to draw it out using my own style..

Here, i drew a few "heads" of the "Jackie cat"..Some of it look funny..**wanted to draw a cat, end up it look like mouse**

Tata~ This is my final outcome~teehheeeeee~

and through this outcome and the movie "Alice in Wonderland", i get an inspiration of drawing a series of illustration with the theme "Let's Party"
First of all, the characters need to be wearing a bow
Second, the characters should hold something "look like she/he is going to party"
Third, the characters need to wear special outfit **Not to say the outfit is weird**

Tata~another one that suit the conditions~:D

That's all for today~Hope u all like it~

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