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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Booty from Melaka trip

Went to Melaka for 3 days 2 nights trip with buddies last Thursday.
It was a nice trip. I enjoyed a lot and had fun. 
We discovered a lot of vintage stuffs there.
A lot of them are at Jonker Street. By the way, there are a lot of old shop houses at Jonker Street.
During Friday and Saturday night, there are a lot of stalls at Jonker Street, it is like a pasar malam. But then, the environment is more comfortable. It is clean and not as hot as the pasar malam we usually visit.

TATA~here are my booty from Melaka.
I love these vintage illustrations the most. They are the advertisements that promotes cigarette, wine, insurance , etc.
I wonder are they the original one or replica one.

And this is the vintage style of coca-cola packaging. 
It's not the tin type, it's the glass bottle type~
We used to drink from the bottle last time when we are young. Now it's hard to get one.
But there are a lot in Melaka. There're also other drinks, but i love cola one.

And this is mahjong CARD~! it's card!

Lastly, did you guys find that my blog layout have been changed?
Wish you guys like it, but it still in the progress. =)
So i end here~ wish you all have a good day~!

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