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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Bought Jimmy's book "Blinking Seconds" from book fair last sunday..
Today only start reading it..
In the last few pages, Jimmy said " if not because of the stress of the publication and the time, actually it's hard to drawing continuingly and vigorously."
I think this is true, it's the same case with me.
For me, i like to draw, but i like to draw slowly instead of hurry.
If doesn't have the due date, i think i will work for a long time to finish my work. same case with my project, i don't like to rush actually, but what to do?

But all of this is because of laziness? who knows..ha

see my work is damn slow! actually done re-edit it long time ago.the problem is the mood is not there to post yet..ha
hmm..does this look better than the previous two?

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Lavennz Ooi said...

I think the problem is the stage. Is that a photography? or your drawing? The problem is with the color and brightness of the stage. You may need to adjust the contrast,level, curve etc. Or i would suggest your to change to another image, or draw it. Good luck!