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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Wow~yesterday night went to "Mybook" store with mummy and her friends **well, actually they went thr to buy a gift for someone's birthday**
once i reach there, i saw one of the Jimmy's book - "starry night" *i already belongs one**
It's 50% discount! continuosly i saw other books of his are all 50%.
all the price stated there are around rm10 to rm17!
i thought that all of that is already discount, since Jimmy's book cost around rm30 or above.
the price for around rm10 to rm17 is consider very cheap!
i'm so excited and took almost all of that..just leave two of them i didn't take, because i didn't have that much cash, and visa card can't be use..so i need to ask mum for credit card, surely she will scold if i buy that much.
but, when we pay, the books' price which stated there discount 50% again! which means a books cost not more than rm9!
Omg!!! super cheap! 9 books cost not more than rm60!wow~

i love Jimmy's illustration a lot!!

***picture quality very bad, since i don't have a camera**

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Lavennz Ooi said...

I live in setapak too (^-^)