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Monday, August 16, 2010

Her Stage 她的舞台

finally~i had done it! satisfy with this~
my first Orpha~used photoshop to do it..
i did 2 versions, chinese and english version..
:) thinking to make this as notebook cover..wee~ ^o*
This is now my screen background~
: ) hope all of you will like it~

or if there're anything to suggest so that i can do better!

for dekstop background

:) start enjoying the day after resign from my sem break job~relax~
and going to start my degree course in graphic design *excited*


Lavennz Ooi said...

It's a very amazing art work! You are very talented. but i think that the girl look like floating on the stage; and i think that she's suppose to stand on the stage right? Maybe some shadow need to add at the bottom of her feet as well as her body, to make her match with the background. Hope you understand what i'm trying to say. Good Work!


Ai-YoyO said...

yeap yeap!i understand~haha..
thx for ur suggestion, i really 4get about tht~hehe..

瞎女卖虾 said...

oh yeah luna had replied me!
so excited!

hmm, i think the drawing is great!
u can try edit the character color in photoshop, to match the stage behind :)
it will looks more cool

degree! ah i wish to cont degree oso T^T

Ai-YoyO said...

haha..go and take part in the competition~haha..

i tried adjust the character color before, but look like the character not the main..
i want it look more obvious, but like this look does't blend together.T.T i duno how la~help~

u just study diploma?

瞎女卖虾 said...

hmm~ like tht oh. there is one more techniques u can try

hw many color u want to make it obvious, let say 5.
then u duplicate original image to 5. choose the 1st layer, click on photo filter, choose red( the color u want). then u can adjust it :) then u erase the rest( out of the object). this step is more mafan la, coz it takes time. then the 2nd layer is brown, then u choose brown in photo filter :)

this way i discover myself, so i dono maybe got other easier way onot~
coz i lazy watch youtube learn XD

btw. u can try use image exposure, adjust the lighting of orpha to make it match with the stage. This is much more easier, but orpha color may run abit :)

competition ah, dont want lu, i prefer exhibition^^
yup, diploma cert holder I am for now, nw is working jor.

瞎女卖虾 said...

bo lui~

i dont wish to work hard while studying.
It's better with paying 100% myself on degree^^

nvm la, nx time u can teach me~ XD