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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

vintage buttons

bought a lot of vintage buttons while shopping for some diy materials with colleague
felt so excited when i found those buttons..
i'm really mad at it..take ...take... take and take non-stop! like all of the buttons are free..

tata~all the buttons in this bottle i bought it that day..
well, used a lot of money.-__________- i know it only when i pay..
honesty, i really didn't look at the price while i take a lot..
Though, i satisfied with it..

this is my flavourite among the buttons..
i really love it very much!
Let see how i make use of this by clicking here


瞎女卖虾 said...

lol! i bought some too!
at petaling street thr~

Ai-YoyO said...

@@petaling street where?y i cant find it thr?-__________- i bought at chow kit..haha..so happy..i used rm90 -_______-..

瞎女卖虾 said...

at the + juntion thr, it is a shop, u need to walk inside, behind the *jambulat* (dono hw to write, biji buah hitam hitam de) stall, i bought 1 button was 30cent, alot of choice

Ai-YoyO said...

hmm..duno-_________hahaha...near popular?

瞎女卖虾 said...

hmm, nvm im pasar seni kaki, nx time take pic show u^^

Nana said...

The button are soo beautiful dear ~ but RM90.00 for that is a bit expensive wor~

Ai-YoyO said...

yalo..it's exp..but so nice oo...nvm~haha..next time find cheap one..

Ai-YoyO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said...

Did u know where got diy shop in Penang?

sungting said...

OMG!!! I LOVE BUTTONS TOO, same same like wat you said, just take take and take kilke crazy then only know the price >.<

Ai-YoyO said...

Yea~ im crazy about it..haha..luckily it's not like over expensive..haha..if not i don't know how..