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Thursday, May 13, 2010

July DMAOM exhibition - 温馨庭院

Time to start work for the next DMAOM exhibition on july~
The theme for the coming exhibition is "warm family" 温馨庭院..
already think for a few weeks, now only have the mood to start it~arh~
XD just did some work for the floor.
@@do a lot of stair this time..
since i was young, i have a dream house that consist of alot of stair..u knw y?
bcs my house doesn'thas stair-_______-haha..that's y i love stair~

At the entrance, used cardboard to replace wood for the wood floor~
-______-i always want to do this kind of floor~bcs it's fast and easy~I know i'm lazy~hahaha~
hmm..i think i will make this part as the place whr the family will place their shoes, keys and umbrella~The place where the family will be prepare to go out..

This is the whole pln for my floor..
see the greeny part? The family will have a small garden whr they will relax themselve..
and the tile floor, the white boxes part will place the dining room~

relax myself by blogging after work for this for the whole day~
continue work after this~^.^v
wish everyone has a good day, relax urself while there's a need.

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