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Thursday, April 29, 2010

birdcage series

I'm busying with my project for few weeks ago..
and finally i had done it!!!YEAH~
I'm require to design a set of stuff which all of that need to be suitable for my group members restaurant ( they do the interior design and i'm doing graphic design)
I have to work out a menu, packaging design for souvenir, a notebook which is the souvenir and a series of voucher.
And we need to design base on our theme, which is gothic+elegant~
i come out with overall birdcage concept, which the birdcage can represent gothic as well as elegant.

Here comes our logo~

1st item, the menu..
concept : a bird in the cage..
It's design to put one on each of th table..The menu will be hang inside the birdcage, customer will takeout themselve..
At 1st, i was so worry i cant make a nice birdcage..but at last i did it!
Actually i feel to do my own birdcage last time, but i don't know how to use wire to make it, since it will look so messy..
Because of the need of my project, i'm being force to make one out..
I'm those kind of people who can success if being force to do it.. XD

The way of open it. i cant do the door like the original one..because the menu will stuck, if not i nid to do a giant birdcage and a tiny menu-__________-

dada~the menu~It's a pigeon's shape!!!-______-not duck or chicken!!
someone call it a duck and a chicken..sad~

I paint it myself!!

Second item - packaging and souvenir..
a birdcage concept also.

Back of the packaging~It's a poem~
I print it my self by using silk screen~

Technique of open - slide out
and the note book is inside

and the last item - voucher..
i design it like a keychain..
If din mistaken, many people is like me who always lost the voucher or else turn the voucher into crumbled form-________-
So if it's a keychain, it will not lost easily..since it's a keychain so it must be somethg hard..
front view

back view.

I make it all in birdcage form, so it will look like a series~
And finally passed up!!yeah~wish i can get a good result for this..or else i will cry..


aquarius said...

dear~~i love it le~~so nice!!!especially the menu 1~amazing!u hv to teach me^^

Ai-YoyO said...

haha..thx~i love it also~especially the bird cage and the packaging~XD..i dun expect that i can do this..bcs last time i wan d, but duno how..我就是那么犯贱,不到紧要关头都做不出。hahaha
ok~sure will teach u..actually the menu easy to do..the picture all paint myself..the words use silk screen to print..

Ai-YoyO said...
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Ai-YoyO said...
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