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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Art for grab- DMAOM 3rd exhibition

Dmaom 3rd exhibition, for sure i had participated..
the theme for this time was "restaurant"..
because of the size of the restaurant, many of the member doesn't have time to do, so there were 4 of us only..
half-lemon, gianni, luna and me..

Here comes half lemon's restaurant, it's more to chinese...
haha..she has no enough time to complete her chairs..

tako's small aurey in lemon's restaurant..

luna's pizza restaurant..
wow..she's damn crazy..she can finish it at a short time!!really admire of her..haha
and she do every single detail!!!

Audrey working at luna's restaurant~=D

Gianni's mamak
she is the ppl who finish doing the restaurant fastest!!

place whr teh tarik make..

and at last!!my white white coffee house~

nice view from here~

Besides, i share a stall with xiao ying too~haha
this is my place~

and xiao ying place~

and i know a vRy good fren tooo~aquarius~
here is her stall

and tako's stall..all of her doll sol out~

joan accessories stall~she's quite a nice person~

ireen's stall

and thx for sl came to accompany me the 2nd day~
1st day was my sis accompany me!!hehe..thx all of u..
and and~the 3 guys from pathetic 5 come and visit me nd sl!!really love all of u!!
PS:// pathetic 5 = me, sl, leon, leonard and julius..
tata~here comes the pathetic 5~ 

haha..taking photo in the elevator..
@@and and..lemon and gianni suddenly appear while the door open~ahaha..

5 of us go to have lunch..

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