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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tesco Group~

The tesco group~
well..the 1st girl with small trolley is me~
why we called the tesco group?
actually 5 of us went to tesco to buy the foods and some materials for the BBQ at night..
many people are going to the BBQ, but just 5 of us went to buy all the materials and prepared all the stuff..
since that time, 5 of us was so close! and we become best friend.haha~nice..
and then this picture was edited by me using photo illustrator as soon as i installed it!!haha
this is the 2nd pic i edited by simply clicking that and this..well..the 1st one was my project work, designed the samsung corby phone..that one also simply click..haha
not bad what~kaka..
the 5 cartoons actually was drawn by me using pen, and scanned it into the computer and edit its background..
the background i searched from google~XD
between i knew that some part of the body behind the trolley are transparent.but i don't know how to edit it..so..that's it lor~haha
then, all of them was so annoyed!! kept said that the body was naked!!
halo~i'm just the beginner in using adobe la~i'm still not expert yet!!! XP
But then, all of them like it~hehe~

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