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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

don't want to listen, don't want to see

I'm already tired. I don't want to see and don't want to listen anymore.
Everytime when i refuse to do or did something that were not what all of you want, you will show me your emotion through your eyes or spoke to me in a way that i don't like. I felt pain and hurt when i saw your eyes and heard your that 'voice'. I don't like the way you look at me and the way you spoke to me.
I don't know why we need to be like that, I thought we are best friends?Were i wrong? Did you think of sometimes that not my fault to not do what all of you want?If my parents allow me to do whatever i want, i will make my effort to match with you. But the thing does not happen like what i think.
From the way you look at me and the way you spoke to me, i felt that you don't trust me. Or did all of you hate me?If yes, please tell me instead of sowing me the sight and the voice.I hate that. I hate my friends to do that to me.i will feel sad.
I realised that everytime when we discuss about something, there always unhappy. I don't like it honestly. I don't want to be like that.
Please don't show me the sight and the voice. I beg you please.I don't want to listen and see anymore. I don't want that everytime our hang out will become my fear.

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