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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3D street art

Thid project really excited~we are divided into 5 groups combined with juniors~

haha..me and julius are in the same group again..haha..we same group since semester 1, now we same group in semester 2 again..except for the space project, all of the group project we are the same group..haha..but it's quite nice to work with him..^^

hmm~what we get for the image!?

our frog was drew on many cardboard which joined together.after we painted it, we cut it out~haha~so it's flat~
but then "if we did a good job" and "if we capture the photo in a correct angle" it will look like standing and real in 3d form~haha~
actually after we painted the frog, i felt it's not bad (alhthough it's yucky), because of the variety of colour we can play with. and this also can show technique (i thk so:( )
tata~our frog looks real rite~~~!?hahaha~i like it~
mr Hafez (our lecturer) said that our frog look real until people scare to go near it (don't know he's joking or praising us)

Ai-yoyo standing on the frog~Opss~~getting to fell down~

me and my group members~( OPPS~WHERE MY JUNIORS~)

Mr Hafez with juniors (Mr Hafez is the one with big hair one la~XD)

yer~kit kiss the frog!!! (ppl is princess kiss the frog prince, but this is the prince kiss the frog princess~ahaha~heik~!!!i'm not saying kit is prince k!?ahahaXD Siew Leng!!!laugh!!!!i know youi laughing!!!ahaha)

me diving into the beer~~!!!This is kit, occ and ck group's beer~XD everyone like my pose~ahaha~creative ya~

hgg!!s2p lalat!!!haha~this also nice!!!49 and dudu's group's~nice colour ya~

this photo looks like they are discusing about the dead house fly..haha

broken tower~haha~nice~actually i want t do this~T.T this is kimmei, belle and leonard group

crayon~~~nice crayon~super big!!!haha~~this one look more 3d~!!it's siewleng and xinyi's group

That's all~~~~~5 groups~~~Mr Hafez said "WELL DONE"~haha~
thx juniors for helpingya~^^

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