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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Digital dictionary's little bag

Today morning, mum had bought a digital dictionary for sis..(T.T i din hav,but then i didn't use it offen~haha~when wanted to use i will steal it~wakaka~shh~)

and after rushing for my project and presentation, felt so boring..

so i dicided to continue sewing purse~

while i was finding the materials, my sis told me that the little bag that the seller gave her was so ugly, she don't like it, and felt not to use it, but then she has no other bag to keep it.

so my brain was flashing with an idea to make her a digital dictionary's bag..

i had done it in almost 2 hours time..ahahaha~

my sis love it~ahahaha~nice ya~

(actually i wan to put the lace on top thr, but when i was sewing the upper part, i 4get to sew the lace thr, so i just put it below. looks special wat~hahaha~)

my sis digital dictionary~^o^v
(actually i wanted to put a string on the little bag, so she can carry in on her shoulder, but she don't want ~ T.T)

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