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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Visit Korea Year" stamp design

Wee~finally passed up my sem 2 first project~
yesterday my heart was so "heavy",felt not comfortable
felt so nervous,scare that if i have miss up which part..
and after today morning, finally i'm calm down~hweh~
This is the stamp design i have made~
i used print making whole piece~haha~
use silk screen damn hard and troublesome la~
it's a technique use to print t-shirt or fabric..
but i used it to print paper~ahaha~but then is quite nice la~the texture of the fabric will trace onto the paper~i like the "feeling" of the texture and the visual~
And one more thing---------my design is the one of the ten design that had chosen by lecturer to send to Korea for competition~participate in the competition of "Visit Korea Year"
felt excited and happy when my coursemate told me that my design has been chosen..
Well, after end this project, we started our2nd project, which is the character design together with label and packaging design~
Hey i felt so excited since the 1st day we start our sem 2 lecturer told us abt our 3 project~
i love character design~
And my group get bear..the title~we need to combine one famous ppl and an animal..=.=
the animal - bear for my group is the best already~haha~seriuosly~
my famous person are Audrey Hepburn, a pretty person with slim body~
i don't know how to combine bear with her=.=since bear is opposite with her - "slim" body~ahaha~

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